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Most students have never written a personal essay, much less created one under so much pressure. 

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"The application essay is more than your ticket into college—it's your way of explaining how the data points of your life add up and what they mean."

—Victoria Payne, author of Write Big from College Application Essay to Storytelling Standout


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Parents of Write Big students love the confidence and results their students receive.

"â€ĻI work as a professional writer/editor but could not have accomplished what Victoria did for my daughter. Maybe the best part was my input was not needed at all."

—Dana, parent of scholarship winner and University of Oregon Honors College graduate and law school student


"As a non-writer, Victoria is able to help kids appreciate and tell something about themselves that Victoria never could. I don't know how to describe what she does but it's very valuable beyond the production of an essay."
-Deborah, parent of scholarship winner and Sara Lawrence College graduate 


"As parents going through the college application process for the first time, but with twins, we are so grateful for Victoria's guidance. Her experience and an educator gave us confidence we needed as a family to ensure optimal results for our kids." 

—Mary, parent of two scholarship winners and students at Boston College & The University of Montana

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Essay collections are published in Write Big: From College Application Essay to Storytelling Standout & inside the course, Write Big 101. 

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A Step-by-Step Process to Reduce Stress & Manage Timelines



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